Many people see misaligned teeth as aesthetically unpleasing and a source of lowered confidence. Misaligned teeth can sometimes cause problems such as difficulty in chewing, and rubbing against the gums, among others. With professional dental care and the help of the best braces Santa Ana has to offer, patients can resolve all manner of crooked teeth, gaps, or misalignment.


Dental braces are devices that are placed directly on the teeth to move them in the rightful position. They are used to correct crowded, crooked, or misaligned jaws. Braces can be used for cosmetic as well as functional improvement of the teeth. They are used to improve the relationship of how your teeth come together between the upper and the lower jaws. They fall under the dental specialty “orthodontics”, the study and treatment of improper bites, also known as malocclusion.

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There are several types of braces that are available today. Some of them include:

  • Metal wired braces
    The first picture that comes to mind when you hear about braces is the metal wired braces. These are the most common type of braces made of stainless steel. Metal brackets are fixed individually onto the teeth, and elastic O-rings connect the archwire to the brackets. The archwire puts pressure on your teeth and jawline, which is adjusted periodically.
  • Ceramic wired brace
    They are also called clear braces and are a cosmetic alternative to the metal wired braces. Ceramic brackets are used to match the color of the tooth, and it uses clear elastic ties. The downside of ceramic wired braces is that they are prone to breakage, but the upside is that they work faster than clear aligners, and they are less noticeable than metal wired braces.
  • Lingual braces
    Lingual surface refers to the backside of the teeth. Lingual braces refer to the metal wired braces that are placed on the lingual surface of the teeth. They are not easily visible, and they lengthen the time required for treatment. These braces are not appropriate for severe cases, which will be determined by your dentist.
  • Other metal braces
    If you are one of those few who has nickel allergies, then titanium brackets or gold-plated titanium brackets are used.
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  • Clear aligners
    These are custom made braces made of plastic which do not use brackets or wires on the teeth. Also called clear braces, they are a very comfortable option in orthodontic treatment. The limitation to this is that they can only tilt and rotate teeth in their position, unlike the traditional braces that enable physical movement of a tooth as well as its root into the desired position.

Choosing the right kind of braces depends on the cost, aesthetics, allergies, and the severity of the misalignment.


Braces are mostly recommended during adolescence when the jawline and underlying tissue are still moving around and are more responsive to treatment, but as an adult, you may need to wear braces for several reasons. Either as an adult or as an adolescent you may need braces if:

  • Your teeth did not come out for a while after losing your baby teeth, and this has impacted the way your adult teeth have developed.
  • You have crooked or crowded teeth.
  • You have developmental issues with your jaws or teeth; your jaws make sound or shift in place.
  • Misaligned teeth are causing biting of the cheek or hitting the roof of the mouth.
  • The development of your teeth or jaw is forcing you to breathe through your mouth.
  • You have crooked or misaligned teeth that are causing difficulty in chewing food.

Braces offer a lot of benefits, from improving your oral health to preventing jawbone erosion, improving your speech, making your smile look aesthetically pleasing, and boosting your self-confidence. If you’d like to take advantage of some of the best braces Santa Ana has to offer, call us and book an appointment with our expert dentists at Smooth Dental Group. We can help boost your self-confidence with a bright and beautiful smile.