While traditional dental crowns are quite effective and a preferred treatment option for many, some patients may find the treatment tedious and time-consuming. Not undergoing needed treatment and sacrificing a great smile should not be an option, simply because you are short on time or do not wish to schedule several appointments.

Here at Smooth Dental Group you have the opportunity to get the smile you’ve always wanted with the same-day crown, La Habra‘s top choice when it comes to effective and preferred treatment. CEREC is a one-day crown La Habra dentist, Dr. Tran, specializes in. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. They were developed by Sirona Dental, a top provider in dental technology.


Any person requiring a dental crown may be a valid candidate for CEREC same-day crowns. Dr. Tran will perform a full oral evaluation to determine exactly what the right course of treatment is for you. Dental crowns are normally needed for the following conditions:

• A broken tooth that needs to be bonded
• Aesthetic flaws in teeth which can be remedied with cosmetic improvements
• Restoration of a decayed tooth
• A weakened tooth, requiring support
• Dental crowns placed as the final step of root canal therapy


At Smooth Dental Group, Dr. Elizabeth Tran will first treat the tooth enamel for any decay and reshape the tooth, preparing it, so you can comfortably and safely wear the crown. Next she will take digital pictures of your mouth and precisely map the structure and form of your teeth so your crowns will match your mouth perfectly.

same day crown la habra

These digital impressions are then used to make 3-D models of the specific teeth being treated. Using CAM technology, the 3-D models are then used to create an accurate ceramic dental crown for your tooth using a single porcelain block. This process takes no more than half an hour. The dental crown is then placed on your tooth. The entire procedure is now over, no further appointments are needed.

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CEREC same-day crowns use the latest technology, making it possible for patients to undergo treatment within a matter of a few hours. The procedure is quite simple. Using advanced, state of the art computer technology, your dental crowns will be highly accurate, designed and manufactured in-house. There will be no need for putty-like gooey pastes to make impressions of your teeth. You will simply be able to relax in the dentist’s chair while all work is done digitally.

Another key benefit is that the entire procedure is rather affordable. CEREC dental crowns, while highly accurate and completed in short time, will cost about the same price as traditional crowns. You will need to spend less time at the dentist, away from work or your normal activities, as the procedure will be complete in just one visit. When it comes to the best choice for a same-day crown La Habra dental clinic Smooth Dental is one of best choices you can make.

CEREC crowns are made from high quality porcelain, matching your surrounding teeth perfectly. The results are natural-looking, lasting and full functionality will be restored to your mouth. This time-saving procedure will restore your smile and oral health, all without you having to take several days from your normal schedule to complete treatment.

At Smooth Dental Group we take the time to answer all your questions and provide the right course of treatment for you. If you would like to find out more about treatment with a one-day crown La Habra or Santa Ana office staff can help you schedule a consultation.