Braces are extremely helpful in straightening your teeth. However, they come with their own set of baggage in the form of long setting time, discomfort and complicated cleaning, amongst others. This makes braces inconvenient at times.

But there’s no need to fret. Today, we have a solution that offers users benefits similar to those of braces, but without many of the challenges that braces pose. Introducing Fastbraces – new age orthodontics which offer an all-in-one solution to a wide range of dental conditions from bad bites to crooked teeth.

Give yourself a chance at a beautiful smile and a mouth full of straight, pearly-whites by using the most expert Fastbraces La Habra has available. Contact a member of Smooth Dental and Orthodontics for more information.


Traditional braces follow a two-step process. The first step involves realigning the crowns of the teeth, and this happens during the first few months. The second step is the realignment of the roots, which takes over a year in some cases. This two-step approach to orthodontics means that you are stuck wearing your braces for years with no visible signs of improvement.

However, this isn’t the case with Fastbraces. When your dentist or orthodontist uses Fastbraces for your teeth, this new technology starts realigning both the crowns and the roots simultaneously, from day one of treatment. This means your treatment time is cut in half, enabling you to have quicker and more dramatic results.

Fastbraces use a unique patented technology that is designed to restore, reshape and realign the alveolar bone (the ridge of your jaw that holds the tooth sockets) while treating your gums simultaneously. This offers a comprehensive orthodontic solution.


So far we have compared Fastbraces with traditional braces. But what about the other famous orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth?

Invisalign refers to a set of plastic teeth-shaped trays that are fitted onto your teeth and which push your teeth into the right position. They don’t require the use of wires and can be removed as and when necessary.

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While Invisalign is beneficial in effecting minor changes in dental alignment, it cannot resolve major tooth misalignment issues. People with severely crooked teeth or who have extensive under, over or cross bites will need something like braces to treat their teeth. This is why our Fastbraces La Habra team are a better option compared to Invisalign when it comes to more serious alignment corrections.

Additionally, like traditional braces, Invisalign trays take more than a year to treat your teeth effectively. Faster and more visible results can be achieved through the use of Fastbraces.


  • Faster results: Patients experience drastic improvements to their dental health in as little as 100 days, and most finish their treatments in under a year. This isn’t the case with traditional braces.
  • Cleaner teeth: Traditional braces make teeth cleaning extremely difficult. If the teeth and braces aren’t cleaned regularly and correctly, it can result in the onset of gum disease. However, the short treatment time of the Fastbraces ensures that you can get back to your comprehensive teeth cleaning practices much more quickly.
  • More comfortable to use: Fastbraces are made using a nickel-titanium material that is extremely flexible and malleable to the patient’s teeth. When you wear them, they fit snugly around your teeth and do not cause any friction, pain or bleeding.
  • Lead to fewer challenges in subsequent dental treatments: Dental treatments like tooth implants and crown installations are a challenge, given the inflexible nature of damaged teeth. However, post-Fastbraces, doctors find it much easier to treat the teeth. Treatment time is reduced, and so is the post-procedure pain.
  • No need to wear retainers all day: The best thing about Fastbraces is how they make the usage of full-day retainers redundant. You only need to wear retainers for 15-20 mins a day. Of course, it is important to note that depending on the severity of your condition, you may need to wear the retainers for longer. But, you can choose to wear them at night.
  • Extremely affordable: Fastbraces are covered by a variety of dental insurance service providers today, and you can experience significant savings if you choose this method of treatment. Even without the insurance coverage, a set of Fastbraces costs about $4000, while a set of traditional braces can cost as much as $6000.
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The Fastbraces treatment procedure is fast too. Your dentist at Smooth Dental and Orthodontics will study your teeth to understand the type and extent of treatment you require. He will then set custom-designed Fastbraces on your teeth.

These Fastbraces are made from extremely elastic nickel-titanium wire which has an elbow-shaped curvature in them (as opposed to the straight wires of traditional braces). These wires immediately conform to the shape of your teeth and fit snugly around them.

The single wire of the Fastbraces uses the heat produced in your mouth to mold itself onto your teeth, and this ensures that you don’t need to get them tightened. Once the Fastbraces have been fitted, you can resume your daily work without a problem. As with traditional braces, it’s best to just stay away from sticky or hard foods during the course of the treatment, as it will enable faster alignment.

You will need to visit your dentist periodically and have your Fastbraces checked. Once the dentist feels your teeth are aligned to the right degree, he will remove the Fastbraces from your teeth.


  • Any person who has misaligned teeth, a bad bit or a weak lower jaw bone.
  • Any person who requires teeth alignment and straightening in a short span of time.
  • Any person who has a low pain threshold or who does not want to experience the discomfort of tight wires.
  • Any person who wants quality dental treatment on a budget.

This treatment is also effective for young children and teenagers. The materials used to make the Fastbraces are medical-grade and completely harmless.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our dentists or orthodontists, feel free to send an email or call a member of our team at Smooth Dental and Orthodontics.