Many people feel embarrassed about their smile, primarily because they have dull, yellow or stained teeth. Furthermore, no matter how much they brush and floss, their teeth refuse to look brighter. Professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive and quick solution for a smile makeover.

The teeth whitening procedure is highly effective in treating discoloration and removing stains. Dr. Elizabeth Tran at Smooth Dental Group, is an experienced provider of cosmetic dental procedures and is known to produce some of the best results in teeth whitening La Habra and Santa Ana have to offer, among both men and women.


There are not many people who have perfectly white teeth, with no stains or discoloration. Also, the chances of staining are increased among smokers, tobacco users and those who drink excessive amounts of tea or coffee. Teeth color is also often affected by tartar.  

You may also have notice staining inside the teeth. This is referred to as intrinsic staining. These internal stains could result from excessive fluoride exposure in your childhood or due to the use of tetracycline antibiotics. Whatever the reason for the dull appearance of your teeth, Dr. Tran can give your smile a makeover with teeth whitening treatment.

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The most common way to whiten teeth is through professional bleaching. An initial consultation with Dr. Tran will help determine whether or not you require teeth whitening and the number of sessions it will take to achieve the desired results.

The procedure begins with the application of a gel or rubber shield on the gums for protection. The whitening solution is then put on the teeth with the help of a customized tray that fits perfectly into the patient’s mouth. The peroxide is usually allowed to stay on your teeth for multiple short intervals (15 or 20 minutes) within a span of one hour.

After an hour or less, the solution will break apart the bonds between stained molecules, giving you a dramatically brighter smile. Lasers or specially formatted lights can be used to achieve optimal results. The high-power light will activate the gel, allowing the oxygen to penetrate your teeth more thoroughly. Your dentist may also combine in-office and take-home methods for more dramatic and long-lasting results. Following the treatment, you could enjoy a dramatically improved smile and a huge boost of self-confidence.

Are you ready to get brighter teeth and a flawless smile? Book your Santa Ana or La Habra teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Tran at Smooth Dental and Orthodontics today.