Periodontal or gum disease occurs when an infection spreads to the deeper levels of the gums. If left untreated the infection damages the gum, bones and other supporting tissue of the teeth. Bone and gum loss could deteriorate to an extent where teeth get loose and start to fall out.

Periodontal disease cannot be treated non-surgically and the dentist will have to surgically clean out the bacteria from under the gums. Regeneration of the tissue also needs to be stimulated and this is sometimes done by grafting tissues from another part of the mouth.

During traditional surgery the patient is anesthetized and the dentist needs to cut a flap in the gum. The flap is gently held back to reveal the area around the tooth and the pockets of infection are cleaned out. The graft is then fitted to provide a framework for new tissue to grow in the area. The flap is then sutured back in place with dissolvable sutures.

Laser gum surgery is now gaining popularity as more studies are showing that it can effectively clean out pockets of infection safely. Laser periodontal surgery has also been shown to have a few advantages over traditional surgery and might be preferred by some.


If you are considering laser gum surgery you can contact us at Smooth Dental and Orthodontics. Dr. Elizabeth Tran is trained in laser gum surgery and has had excellent results with other patients. Dr. Tran will first give you a thorough oral examination and get your full medical history before determining if you are a good candidate for laser periodontal surgery.

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The procedure does not require any incision into the gum but instead a fine fiber is inserted between the gum and tooth. The fiber contains the laser which is then used to eliminate inflamed and infected tissue. Infected tissue is darker in color than healthy tissue and can be identified easily by the laser. Infection-causing bacteria are also killed off with the laser and calculus is removed. The removed tissue is then cleaned out of the pockets using suction.


The laser is then used to warm the gums making the tissue sticky and stimulate regeneration of stem cells. The sticky gum adheres itself to the tooth closing up any gaps which could have let further infection enter. Over time the stimulated tissue starts to grow closing the pockets beneath the gums. New bone and other connective tissue also start to regenerate making the gums and teeth strong again.

Dr. Tran will provide you with post-treatment instructions that will need to be followed carefully. If required a course of antibiotics will be prescribed to kill of any residual infection and prevents return of the disease. Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be prescribed to prevent any swelling and speed up the healing process.


Laser gum surgery has several advantages over regular gum surgery, these include:

  1. No need for local or general anesthesia. Unlike traditional surgery where the gum needs to be cut into and the patient is required to be anesthetized, this is not the case with laser surgery.
  2. The procedure is painless.
  3. There is minimal bleeding because the gum is not cut into.
  4. The procedure kills off 99.9% of disease causing bacteria.
  5. There is no need for tissue grafting as the laser is able to stimulate cell growth.
  6. The sticky gum that forms when cell regeneration is stimulated seals the pocket preventing any further infection from getting in.
  7. The healing process is much quicker as compare to traditional gum surgery.
  8. Patients often can get back to work the same day that the procedure is carried out.


At Smooth Dental Group we take the utmost care to provide only the best and safest services. Our equipment is comprised of cutting-edge technology and Dr. Tran has been trained and is fully qualified to use the equipment safely and with exceptional results.

Dr. Tran will listen to and address any and all concerns you might have about laser gum surgery. We give you correct information so that you have realistic expectations. We also will provide you with all the options that best suit you.

At Smooth Dental Group we take the time to put you at ease and answer all your questions. If you would like to find out more about laser dental surgery or schedule a consultation, please contact us at our La Habra or Santa Ana centers.